Friday, January 17, 2014

Day 499 Rapping, State divestment of Fossil Fuel supported Pensions and the Virtual Senate

The music industry being told to rap crime behavior to support pension/investments,  and the state agencies being told that their pensions were supported by the gas industry, thus the people in the system working against what is best for them PHYSICALLY, yet what provides for them MONETARILY. The impetus to divest is a step in realizing what is structurally unsound and  manipulative,  yet there must be a solution to step into, and such a solution will require organization and collective support. One solution is the Living Income Guarantee. And within this, why do we believe that expropriation of resources from private owners demands recompense, when obviously, such responsibility as what ownership stands as, has been of behaviors that did not stand equal to being responsible for the earth from which that owner benefitted? And within this, it is a web of physical labor and intellectual opportunity that holds what creates the value from the resource, it is not one person. The accumulation of excessive wealth, is not a democratic behavior, meaning, it does not consider physical existence, thus it is behavior against life.
This does not work. What supports that rapper and that government worker must be what does no harm eternally. What good is a pension if your water is polluted and your children sick ( Remember, there are some views of the rise in cancer rates that suggest that cancer and not accidents are the number one killer of children that has developed in the last twenty years)? What good is rapping if it creates more of the behaviors that are in contradiction to that behavior as discipline and direction of the rapper as a MODEL of the capability of men? Especially, those that have backgrounds of impoverishment.
If there are a few corporations that have amassed vast amount of monetary wealth, and can, for example create a company in a minute that can be buried behind client/lawyer privileges in a technological age where the layers of filling can be buried down virtual rabbit holes, and hidden through processing portals of administration and production in countries with different tax structures, and these same few groups, can  manipulate the freely given resource as the basis of their WELFAREd  gain into entities that can then be tied to each section of production and administration in ways that that group must support what in effect does not support them, and drives them to go against their better judgement and/or not have a clue as to what is the structure of the system and its supports in total because they have not developed a common sense skill of taking the words they know, as the ideas they follow and ensuring that what they speak is of something that actually makes sense with physical reality.
 And this, with an entertainment machine that is pretty much seeming to be free, and actual physical development costly ( I mean think of what a gym costs for the average salary, or to have the means to take dance lessons, or any other lesson that require guidance, and or having a vacation long enough, for example, where one could walk the Apalation trail, or actually spend a solid week developing one’s surfing skills in another area, where one might them become aware of excessive amounts of garbage in the sea or along the coast? I mean, I was in Sicily one time, and there was this oil waste on the coast, this exposed me to the effects of industry that before were only a distant idea in my mind. It is one thing to see this and another to read about it as one is caught in a small circle of society that makes small storms in teacups seem huge.  Now, imagine those many that after high school and college lacking reading ease that do not read? ( Is this by design and thus a suppression - where we don't like to admit that we do not have an ease in processing words? Thereby hiding in shame instead of problem solving?
So much of what we are given, as what we accept, lacks insight into the whole, and those who happen to have some exposure are then bullied with threats of no pension is they do not support, for example, rapping words that create more crime, or ignoring the environment to have a pension. This happening in TWO groups begs the question as to where else is this happening? And it demands that a collective endeavor must be realized, where what is here as this earth, be given to all in measured ways that ensures that all have a pension, that ALL have a living income, and that what is here that is produced be the ownership of all that is here, and that the directive is to choose that which does not harm. This can only happen as the collective, to realize the divisions we have allowed are not supporting us and that a starting point must be to support the physical world and to realize that we must work with, include the physical world in all our movements.
“Keynes and White were perfectly well aware of that free capital movement and speculation inhibit these options. Professional economics literature points out what should be obvious, that the free flow of capital creates what is sometimes called,  a virtual senate of lenders and investors who carry out a moment by moment referendum on government policies. And if they find that they are irrational, meaning they help people, instead of profits,  then they vote against them, by capital flight, by taxation on the country and so on.  So the “democratic” ( Extra quotation my addition ) governments have a duo constituency.  “
It is each of us that holds this duo system in place. It is us within, believing that we are special based on some idea, instead of realizing that what is special about us is that we are life. Within this, what we are is everything that has been placed within us as belief, opinion and idea, which we have allowed to define us as being more than what we are that took in that idea used to define us. This self defining is limited and is our own inner virtual senate, interested in validating our specialness that is in itself based on a defining limitation only that is in separation from common sense of physical reality. We are all the same, we are life, what we define ourselves as is secondary, it is divisions of value that are not good or bad in themselves, but simply qualities used to express ourselves that can change if we realize ourselves as life and become democratic in our behavior, as in realizing that the human that we are can be programmed to express in many different ways, depending on opportunity. And to realize that in total our expressions are limited within and as the present system we have accepted and allowed that is a reflection of us, as the frustration of many are testament, because our behaviors serve a virtual senate that ignores the physical and as such disallows natural inclinations of some expressions, deeming them bad because they do not fit nicely into a controlled ( commerce-alized by design) norm that is such to serve the benefit of a few, who themselves happen to have the unequal benefits of this virtual senate that uses the welfare of what are freely given resources that can only be developed through labor of many, thus ownership of objects is an idea that is in direct contradiction to what creates and is the value/support, which is life, of which we are all the same.

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