Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Day 501 Addressing the Paranormal story of Chile

I was reading about Chile, and the nationalization process, and I notice that the criticism used for a change, from privatization to public ownership or from public ownership to private ownership is that the one that had control did not take care of the infrastructure. In other words the one in control did not invest enough back into the process. And in effect, the change is about investing in new infrastructure. Then each one coming to the table naturally, since we live in a profit based system, wants a return monetarily.
Allende deducted from a buy out the non state of productive capacity that the copper mining existed as. So, the private sector was not putting back into the mining what sustained the mining, or perhaps the laws on worker protection had increased. I mean, as men work and produce naturally they begin to learn what works and what does not, and this becomes a guideline that ends up increasing costs. Even the technology used, would eventually wear out, and since there is a whole slew of people needing to make a living, naturally new technology is going to cost money. If we take this even further, those systems of technological tool building, industry processing tools building, they also are becoming aware and as such employ more safeguards etc. that protect and yet, that minimize profits. I mean, this just spins around and around.
So , now in Chile, and I am not sure of the configuration, the private sector is complaining about the public sector ownership not having the money to invest in infrastructure to make the mines more efficient. And there are even suggestions that the returns on the mines are fine. So, in the end, is the newsprint an advertisement for a collective to become attached to a drama, to stand behind some ideological swing in another direction.  And in the end do we really know what is actually happening on the ground?
Blame and spite, creates a paranormal activity. It does not look at the whole, and thus is an act of separation from seeing and looking at what actually physically exists. naturally, infrastructure wears out, but if money has not been allocated to maintain production of upgrade technological know how, then no respect has been paid to the whole process, and the wealth of the process, transferred into money, is not distributed in ways that are supportive and in common sense of that which builds the wealth in the first place, the labor and resource. We cannot blame private industry and or public ownership, because this pattern has happened many times, and both blame the practice of maintenance.
Obviously, there is an inequality in wealth distribution, creating the extremes of poverty and excessive wealth. And the means of wealth,  becomes impoverished, which is the earth. So, inequality does not work, what is here, as the resources, must be divided in ways that maintain and support what is here, on every level.  It is like one has to stop blaming the object, because within this, one actually gives a fixed object some kind of super power, when that one singular object is not the whole, as all the parts. This is an act of superstition, it is an act of idolatry, it is an act of paranormal activity. It is in essence as such, delusional.
Thus our media, in creating leaders that create jobs, as one person creating a job, and as the stories in our text books of great men who, for example, had the accumulated wealth to build an industry, wealth that was created in all common sense by many parts working in tandem, is a supernatural history, and thus is a paranormal event. I mean, really. This means that our media, is all the story of the paranormal activity of the human being who in a separation from being simply normal and realizing that the physical is a practical functioning seeable mechanistic world that moves in sensible ways. Thus what is real, is right in front of us. 
Our media really should be a story of the organic, a story of the physical, and not the story of what serves our paranormal financial system of transnationals that have become the image and likeness of stateless beings. And not only that, we do not know who and what pulls the strings behind this curtain, specifically. What must be realized is that the collective built the stage. It is the collective that must normalize and balance out the wealth created through freely given resources through the practice of standing together, and placing through policy building a structure that supports the physical world in ways that do no harm and that takes care of this real, physical world. This is the way to heaven on earth. The rewards are a normal, direct seeing and interacting experience leading to a life of dignity. So, when going into blame and spite, know that you have just entered the twilight zone and abdicated you own gift of life, your common sense.
Come back to what is normal, the physical, I mean, we all are running after a very limited edition of a commodified norm that is not normal, yet we do this because we want to be "normal". How can that make any sense?

Have we humans, allowed ourselves to become resonant, with a paranormal existence? And is it time to normalize our selves?
The tools are here, they are self forgiveness , writing and corrective application. There is even a FREE course to begin the journey back to earth. DIP Lite. Listen to interviews on the consequence of our accepted and allowed paranormal creation,

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