Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Day 497 A Difference by Degree: Bridging the Judgement Gap

A difference by degree: Bridging the judgement gap
Within a limited value system, as what the human has accepted and allowed, the units of measure in total are minuscule - mini-school - as the gamut of what is used to direct self. I mean, we just need to look around and we can see, realize and understand the limited visual ideals we all accept and allow. Think of the rule that the lawns in front of our houses should be green lawn, and that having a vegetable garden is a taboo on a front lawn; or that a person is only attractive if they have a certain size and measure in their features and a certain color to their hair; or think about how dogs have been bred to bring forward and exaggerate certain characteristics without any consideration for what that eventual frankenstein extreme has on the function of the physical form. Many of those breeds have all kinds of physiological problems. If you would not want to suffer such monstrous physiological problems then why, just to have a certain look, would you wish this on another form for being life on this earth?
The limited values, that are then used in comparison against one another, to compete for an ideological picture, just like that green lawn, really bear no witness to the actual balance within the physical world.
I remember my husband skiing. He was extremely graceful, so much so it was really a joy to watch. To this day, and i don’t watch skiing so much, I have not seen this kind of graceful movement in another skier. I have watched skateboarding videos, because my sons like this, and sometimes a skater comes along with this kind of fluid grace. Others have a completely different quality, in the last week there was a video of a skater that had “ force” as I would call it. He skated with this very directed aggressive speed force. Really hard to put into words. The quality was cool, the expression was cool. I mean, how much are we missing in all of us, when we don’t see the unique quality in every human as the way they express themselves in what they do, where there is probably an inclination in some areas as opposed to others, and what discoveries would be made when all life on earth is valued and our ability within being aware physically of movement and form and expression in and as not only the shape but the way that shape moves. If we look at this, had more awareness in the detail and expression of the physical, instead of imposing ideas as pictures onto how things should be without equal consideration of the physical in total, what would our world become?
The point is that if we take the time to look, we can realize that our values are extremely limited and that within this the degree of difference is tiny. And yet the human is walking around comparing these tiny differences to ascend to …where? The irony is that it is being that expression in-form, and balancing this all out in total as the expression of earth as life as a whole that is the fun and the value.
What we are doing is rejecting a united whole, as this physical earth that would be the most fulfilling life experience beyond any thing our limited value system can imagine. And all because we fear what? Losing ownership of a front green lawn? So, one has that front green lawn and spends years protecting it, watching it and then what? Death? Is that lawn a badge of success worthy of its value? No.
Within the chaos on earth, in a bubble, this appears to be a gain when compared to a possible life of poverty, but this gain in itself is a poverty of life expression. One just as a small degree of more comfort, but within this, the increase in cancer and other diseases, suggests otherwise. Is one really comfortable sitting watching that green lawn as cancer invades and old age and the physical body corrodes over time instead of a quick death because of lack of food? If one stood back and looked within a context of eternity, the two lives would appear to be the same measure, meaning such a slight degree of difference that no foot note would probably be given. This is the measure of the difference, which is really no difference, it just appears to be this way within the limited perspective humans have come to believe is truth. And all the while, the physical is what allows expansion and expression and self awareness into becoming life, a life as the physical that can become what never settles in limitation and instead stands strong within  a value that incorporates movement and expression that is not stagnant and is rather filled with ease.
Our present money system is the expression of a collective accepted and allowed limited value system. And it is wreaking havoc on all of our lives. And we are so caught up in our limited value system that we cannot see the forest through the trees. Yet, we are here as physical beings that have the ability to see, to sense, to move, to create, to organize , to balance out what is here to allow what we need as physical beings, and this earth, to allow the expression of life and enjoy the way in which each expresses themselves. 
Like the action of homeopathy, the outer misalignment, as our money system must change, and we , as humanity have to stand and do this.  As this will enable each to relax and slow down and breath, to stand outside of stress and begin to then look and organize this world together, in ways that support all the physical form of life, because this physical form as the whole earth is us, it is each of us, we are it. It is only an imposed cognitive map in our heads that is our separation. As this accepted and allowed map built of limited values, an energy field within and as us encircles us, and it oscillates with conflict because it has no real substance to exist as, because it is extremely limited, and its measure of value moves as judgement of what is good and bad in accord of its limited insight, because of an idea that something could be lost, when it is the lack of movement with the whole that created the sense of loss. Yet this can be corrected back into the whole, where there need be no sense of loss. And the directive that is very simple, is to give as one would like to receive, which is to realize self as a physical being on a physical world, where one moves as ways that do no harm, and that in being this, in focusing here on what is real, as a physical form with the faculty to focus here, and see, one is able to direct oneself in ways that do no harm, and that this allows self to position self here absolutely, in a movement of self in full function, utilizing self in total, which stops all stagnation and thus dis-ease. This is a gift we can only give one another when we all work together with the physical world. To do this we have to clean up the bubble of limited values as our accepted and allowed cognitive maps , that we need only look to the media, for example, and the banking system, to see, realize and understand.
In many ways, fear if being inferior to this. That is all it is. And yes, the consequences of this are rampant all around us. But, changing this is the way out. And as we walk ourselves out, with each breath, with each movement, a lightness of being, and an ease of breath, will become the movement of us. I mean what else if there? Just give it up, stop the judgements, use your innate common sense and let go the limitations, to stand as what is best for all within and without. Support a system that supports you as life. Support a Living Income Guarantee. Walk the awareness of your generational cognitive map that is of limitation - which means that what is of value will not be lost, and what is of inferiority to life will be equalized to life, thus what appears to be a loss will be a gain. It has been said, that in stopping the mind, all will be lost, and thus, all will be gained. What will be lost is that map, which has been made bigger than life, and what will be gained is life. It is that simple.
DIP Lite : Desteni I Process Lite. Forgive yourself of your limitations and equalize yourself to LIFE. HERE.  Become the full potential you were meant to be.
Listen to what each has accepted and allowed.

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