Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Day 496 Democratic Behavior, Childhood Cancer and Reality on the Ground.

"Researchers have raised young monkeys and rats in ways such that they are allowed other types of social interactions but are deprived of play. When these animals are tested, in young adulthood, they are emotional cripples. When placed in a moderately frightening environment, they overreact with fear. They panic and freeze in a corner and never explore the environment and overcome the fear as a normal monkey or rat would. When placed with an unfamiliar peer, they may alternate between panic and inappropriate, ineffective aggression. They are incapable of making friends."

Here we have an article talking about how children having time to play with one another, can develop democratic skills. And yet, there are studies that have been done that suppress the development of democratic movement in animals. Interesting that there is less recess time in our schools. And: ( I have to note that the article below first appeared  with an image that said , "Cancer ( is) #1 cause of Childhood Death in the U.S. The number one reason blamed for childhood death used to be accidents; now its cancer", but evidently the facts were retracted and the article I posted was part of this retraction)

”"But with cancer, it is black and white.  There is no “cancer spectrum.”  And the numbers are going up. Almost 37 kids are diagnosed with the condition every day.  And while science has eliminated many other causes, the incidence of invasive pediatric cancer is up 29% in the last twenty years.”
So, we have more cancer occurring in our children, in a world that has a media that describes things in ways that do not reveal what is actually going on in our world. Perhaps this lie by omission is because if we humans knew what was really going on, we would change. What does this tell us about our selves on some level? It tells us that somewhere, within us, we would not put up with this mess. Which means that we are not stupid, and that what we are allowing is simply unacceptable.
I mean, this article below shows us what is going on. With the retraction of the cancer rates in children, and the studies that learn the outcomes of suppressing life, creating behaviors where we cower in fear,  which is what many of us are doing within not paying attention and believing we cannot stand up and change what is unacceptable, can we  begin to see what in fact is happening and what we are all accepting and allowing on so many levels? And, how we can be programmed.
"“Despite the global economic crisis in 2009, Egypt managed to sustain a 4.7% growth in GDP — an enviable rate for most countries — largely due to strong growth fundamentals [and] effective market reforms.” The market reforms — that is, the privatization programs — had indeed raised the country’s GDP, but only by creating an enormous real estate and water speculation bubble for those with the right connections. In 2010, the World Bank praised Egypt as “among the world’s ten most active reformers,” citing “impressive poverty reduction” and “rapid economic growth.” The Bank promised to continue supporting “Egypt’s reforms in the water supply and sanitation sector,” including its policy of cost recovery and privatization. [25] Then, in January 2011, the nation rose up, and many wondered how the World Bank could have gotten it so wrong. [26]"
I suggest watching The Century of Self, and The Four Horsemen, to begin to have some understanding of what we have accepted and allowed as humans on this earth. Humans that are capable of acting democratically. It is time to work together as stewards of this earth, and realize that a life of dignity means  working together in ways that support all life.
Support a Living Income Guarantee. It is time to join together and put an end to one human being more than another. And yes, our development is unequal, but this is by design, and that design can change. Let’s prove we are worthy of life.  

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