Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Day 503 Resource extraction and currencies, A design that weakens the infrastructure of life.

Our currencies must be equal in value across the globe because changes in values of currencies flood a country’s local currency to access a resource extraction  building  service industry, and when that resource is extracted the monetary flow ends, and the service sector no longer has income and meanwhile, the values, the values of the local industry are inflated in relation to that additional income, so across the boards, all salaries have to come down, in relation to the resource and labor creating the values that exist. What happens is that no one wants to level out their income, down size in proportion to the capital of the land, and, the other ordinary capital has been ignored or stopped, because the money from resource extraction done with foreign money ( that is the wealth of the resource and labor of men), raising salaries,  moved the work force into the service of that industry. And, the total capital of the land is diminished. So, on the one hand there is less capital, and on the other, the salaries are all inflated, and the focus has been on the money flow instead of the basic needs flow  production. And, to add to this, instead of money into land stewardship and development, so much of the wealth goes into military development, which is another drain on the capital of the earth, that is not taking care of what produces and cares for the earth that gives what is needed for physical existence to have basic needs. This is really one big mess, and there is no excuse for this what-so-ever. And then the justification begin, they are religion, class, race, nationality, gender, etc. etc. etc. all ignoring common sense of what it means to be physical, which is life information, which is creation, what can only happen HERE.
So, it is like we created a limited box, and then we have a mental image as a projection of a reflection of that limited box, and we believe the projection is real. And, depending where one is in the hierarchy of what holds the limited box in place, we gather in peer groups, and our words are equations that are in relation to that perspective that is of limited insight, where inference is used through accepted traditions that no longer remember the reason for the tradition and turn that tradition into an artifact, an art of fact that has a starting point of limitation. And so, a mind con-science system is built that is in separation from reality, from practical physical existence. And this projection, because it is not equal to the physical, and requires sustenance, consumes the flesh, showing the state of dis-ease with and as life, as the physical being a value, being life in formation, in expression, here.
So, we project a “ good” as a happy picture, and we suppress the “ bad” as what would open our insight back into common sense of reality, as the physical. I mean, the tool of the mind, can be a reflection of a common sense of physical reality, which is equality and oneness with and as creation, as the information of the physical.
If we look at a justification within creating a Living Income Guarantee as an idea that there are those who do not work, we must realize that a Living Income Guarantee will stabilize the de-stabalizing that  mixed currencies create, that in turn puts people out of work, and disrupts production and creates administrations that are in fear of loss of income, that then supports armies that purport to stabilize but end up doing the same thing that caused the problem in the first place, but the military is really to hold the inequality in place. And the inequality, is based on an idea of self definition that was held as a structure but did not consider all of self as a physical being, as a starting point. It is all an idea of a more than done in comparison only, instead of realizing that it is being here, in common sense of the physical as life in formation as creation, which is the value, the value being self in expression as life, here. Unfortunately, we have lived as an image in mind only as being more than life,  a judgement being more than life, creating war and destruction instead of one of stewardship and respect for that which is life in formation as the physical, this which allows us to become equal and one to and as life, here, to stand equal and one with creation, as the physical, as what we are. Unequal division and conquest is a rejection of life.  Taking from Peter to pay Paul is a separation from life. Fearing to stand up within the present administration systems is  a crime against life. All it takes is to implement a Living Income Guarantee to allow a system transformation into the bodies of men, to become stewards of life, meaning the ability to choose what is best practice. I read, that if just 5% of people do this, it will begin.

It means a divestment of pensions from fixed sectors, inhibiting change, and placing pensions within the profits from freely given resources, where the values as the wealth created from these freely given resources is circulated back to the life, as the labor of all men, to be stewards of the physical formation of creation, as what creation would be in all common sense. It means understanding that our present hierarchy is a structure that focuses on perspectives, meaning, one section structures various parts of infrastructure, and that not one point of this is more than another. Just because one learns to work with the symbols of resource movement as digits and letters, to organize, does not make them more than, say, the person that remains on the ground, organizing a garden directly. I mean, we all know that professors can talk up a structure, but place them in physical practice and they hardly know how to move themselves. And yet, they cannot exist without the other.
Support a Living Income Guarantee, to create an infrastructure that respects all life, realizes the value is life, and begins the journey of structuring earth in equality and oneness with the value being life.
                                 Living Income Guarantee

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