Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 193 The law of inequality = the wal of a belief in more than.

Day 193 The law of inequality = the wal of a belief in more than.

So the mind has plates of glass inter-dimensionally that carry energetic charges of negative and positive poles of energy, where the positive is compounded negative energy. All projections of belief, opinion and idea played out as personifications and characters, supporting wants, needs and desires, as survival tactics, of limited insight of this world. Blind to this world as self interest is continually confirmed in denial of fear of self as life, in separation from a sense of life as awareness of what is actually here as life.
In trying to answer to these personifications I am in separation from what is here as I try to speak to what is essentially self validation that is hiding in fear of rejection, in fear of loss, where there is nothing to lose but the being of self as being lost of a common sense of the whole and how this earth functions.
So, if I am seeking validation, it is really justification for why I am afraid, for what I fear, which has no validity, as it is simply a loss of common sense, common sense being what allows direction, the physical a platform as life to self realize as the gift to see and be one and equal to and as life, here.
If I am insecure, I will constantly compare myself to what is around me, so much so that I will not see what is really here. I will measure myself according to how I was taught to see. Given what is promoted by media, I would measure myself according to how much money I have and how much I fulfill ideas of physical perfection and all the accessories I de-core-ate myself as life into and as-focusing on an image of myself instead of how I am being within myself as the core of me as what is the very substance in and as me that even allows me to create the image of myself that I believe comes before what I am in essence. This would be a directive given within a system of inequality, where the law is to maintain inequality, and those with the control, the ‘more than’ would omit what gives self , self direction as life through developing a blinding wall around self as life as equality as life. Thus, all presentations within this profit based system are the laws of inequality, loud and clear, we just have to stop and look.
It is like I do not pay attention to my behavior, I pay attention to how I look, where even how I look contains ideas of limited dialogues of what I am supposed to say, how i am supposed to be polite, how I am supposed to respond. All of this is dressing and none of it is actual awareness and empathy with what is actually physically here. How does dressing oneself in positive “vibes” direct oneself as life in common sense of life? This is oneself busy chasing an idea and not directing self as becoming one and equal with self as life.
All this “supposed to be” behavior has not done anything for this world. If anything it is more of the same, an ignorance of life.

What little I have seen in the news about New York City after the big hurricane, where people are standing in line for gas and trash picking discarded food from flooded supermarkets, I wonder if any of these people are realizing that this will be the future scenario as the present system fails, as the petro-chemical products run out and the national guard comes in to placate the hungry and the waterless. And those soldiers are more than likely to do what ever is necessary, as they are going to want their jobs to feed their families and are probably going to be relieved that they have the uniform and the paycheck and are not without water, and food and electricity. Many will become brutal, as they have no training or ability to realize they are afraid, and the ones who might have some objectivity cannot stand alone, the fearful will outnumber them; it takes many to stand and make a change, a few cannot do this.
If anything, New Yorkers should realize that the system on earth really needs to change, now that many have a taste of the absence of what supports them as life. Definitely, need a system change, and it is the people, together as one, who will need to stand and realize that this present system does not make us aware of what supports life. Just realizing how hard it is to not have water and food I would think would be enough to realize what many on this planet suffer as they struggle to survive, where there are not even dumpsters of food to pick from, their choice is starvation, prostitution, crime etc.
In a system of equality, if a disaster happens in one part of the world, what is here is to support all life, no matter what. Just think of the people in Haiti, this storm is on top of another event that left many without homes, and none of this is even talked about or revealed on the media. Perhaps the real state of the world is not talked about because it would make us all aware that this system is not working, is not supporting life!
Instead we are kept in entertainment, what is here is sensationalized - and this is not to diminish what happened, but if as much attention were given to what is going on in other parts of the world, we might all be more aware. That what is happening in the world is denied us via the news means that we are able to care, and that we have the ability to realize what is here is not working, and thus we have the ability, if we know what is actually happening, to make a change, to become directed to make a change. Always what is not made clear is what would aid in clearing up what is actually happening on this earth. But, since the media is owned by “he” who has the money to decide what should be said and revealed, the media will serve “he” who has the most. It is the “more than haver” who is setting the story presentation in the news, omitting what might awaken the follower, the listener, the watcher. And, the follower is given just enough to believe they have free will to chose, when this is ridiculous, as many of us go to work, go home and watch television - paid for by “the more haver” - which means we are caught in a trap, as it takes money to do things other than go home and watch tv. The things that are “seemingly” free are not really free, they are traps. We actually believe that we are buying freedom, but we are actually buying our own enslavement, and it is done through ignorance- meaning limited insight, meaning psychological manipulation via a tube. I mean do we even stop and enjoy the simple things in life, really see and realize the actual physical things that are around us? Are these things not enough and are these things, being able to enjoy the simple physical things that are here, what all on this earth should be and exist as here? Would not learning be enjoyable within this as well. Would this not bring ease to this earth?
Is it not time to realize that a system change is necessary, to take care of what is here and come to understand it in totality, to be able to to really enjoy what is actually here, plants, animals, earth and other humans? This would be a world worth living in and experiencing. All these highs and lows of emotion, these fears and worries, thiscompetition and constant comparison and seeking of sex that really has no meaning as it needs more and more and more is not life. Has sex just become a form of entertainment to hide from fear, if so, then sex has become equal and one to fear, and thus is not a real expression of life, it is not enjoying what is physically here, it is only a release of fear and anxiety. We are all in such a state of frenzied discord that we are no longer able to see what is here, and all we seek is release of this friction and frustration and the answer is simple, to face this and to create a system where life is supported so that this stops within us as we realize we are life, and that the simplicity of this is what is the value. Thus, stand and support an Equal Money System, support life, bring yourself back here to enjoy what is here instead of to pass it by watching what is presented on a television as a dream that very few ever achieve in an illusion that there is something greater than the simplicity of enjoying what is actually physically here as this physical world. It is time to break the laws of inequality by standing and placing a system on earth, as a group, that realizes life is the value, and to support this in equality.

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  1. Cool self-support points! Thanks for sharing Rebecca!