Monday, November 19, 2012

Day 210 Self correction Validating Life

I commit myself to realizing validation within what is presented through education, media, society, family is but values made huge separating myself from common sense of the actual real physical world.
I commit myself to show how the stories told in media, education, family, society reveal the limitations as the only values presented and thus made huge, as distorted as the enlarged image on the movie screen, taken in as an image through the eye, as the mind, within this very medium a limited face value insight where no physical applicative awareness is developed as my self as life, equal and one to this actual real story in and as the actual physical world, this physical, actual, real world made secondary as the limited images on the screen and described through the words as stories, beliefs, opinions and ideas as told by parents, the education system and media, thereby essentially distracting the human away from what is real within awareness and expressive development, as communicating one and equal, in and as, in tandem with this actual physical world, real interactive common sense of what is real, which begs the question, why is what is real as the resources of this earth what is allowed ownership? I mean if this world supposedly does not “matter” as a “better” life is coming in death, then why grab what is here? This is because, what is here as the physical, actual world, is what is real, and it is given freely, and it is not organized to support what is the value which is life, here equal and one as this physical existence.
I commit myself to realizing that I have become a walking mind of imagery as guide and expression, separate from what is real, where the images - as the values made huge through the various systems accepted and allowed one earth of beliefs, opinions and ideas of more than and less than- become my value system, where my experiences are related to these magnified limited values, that are of no depth perception into what is actually real, myself as a physical form here, composed of the substance of life, this gift then separated into and as energetic reactions based on limited values only, so easy to see as beliefs, opinions and ideas, and the amount of ignorant abuse existent on this earth.
I commit myself to realizing that e-valuation in and as the mind is a consideration within more than and less than, a limitation judging a limitation, a judgement judging, and thus has nothing to do with equal and one self directive common sense of how this actual physical world functions, where this is used within this monetary system of taking from this earth in self interest as mind blind to how this world functions, as to consider this actual physical world would mean nothing can be owned, as the very form of what is here is to be respected as life, of which all that is here exists of and as, equal and one.
I commit myself to seeing, realizing and understanding that what I experience within walking the desteni i process of the death of the mind, where i want to pull out my hair at times, where I want to just go to sleep at times, where the back chat, as inner conversations, and obsessions scream for their own announcement, as they are composed of energy and thus need constant attention by myself and my human physical body in order to continue to exist, and thus, the process of stopping the mind is a process of silencing the voice and picture show of the limited values as energy as self directive that separates myself from and as life, which I allow to rob me of my own gift of common sense of what is real, this actual physical world.
I commit myself to seeing realizing and understanding that seeking validation within or without is the voice of lack and separation and thus the answer to discovering self as life, within which the tools of breathing, being humble and patient, self writing and corrective application are the means to an end of fear and a correction into self direction as life, here.

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