Monday, November 5, 2012

Day 196 Beyond face value

I commit myself to realizing when the slightest thought as blame comes up in and as my mind, I stop and I breath, and I realize I am no longer here but in an idea as what I believe should be, which is in essence abdicating myself as life here without any directive as the substance of life in being what is in consideration of all existence as what is best for all, as I am lost within a fear, where this state of fear is all that is known as all presence of myself has been programmed/conditioned/ developed into and as what serves a hierarchy in and as a profit based system of more than and less than, which I accepted and allowed as I separated myself within a definition as more than, justifying/believing a perception of less than as I lost touch with the physical as being my own creation as life.
I commit myself to breathing, to realizing that I cannot judge anything or anyone, as all that is, is one and equal to me as life, and thus in order to share myself with myself, must I give as life in directing all life as what is best for all, which does not “stop” life behind walls of laws which are really just designs of stopping life, grabbing and confining life into a moment of non-awareness, using this for gain instead of allowing self realization as life, which is all that there is, complete self forgiveness in every moment, here.
I commit myself to not allow myself to go into shame about what has been accepted and allowed, when it is realized what humans have done to life, as this is not going to get this world moving in self forgiveness as self as life as what is best for all, where even those who have ruthlessly the most physical comfort will be one and equal in realization when it is realized that all there is is self forgiveness within what is best for all, as this is what self forgiveness is in essence.
I commit myself to realizing that when a corporation has someone they have payed off sign a “gag-order” it is an admission that the person signing will eventually realize what they have accepted and allowed in denial of common sense, in being in fear of survival and overwhelmed by a group of humans who have gained power simply by signing a scribble onto a piece of paper, that this human will realize what has been accepted and allowed, which means all humans have the ability to exist within common sense and realize the abuse of the wall of laws as signatures that protect practices which are not what is best for all.
I commit myself to realizing that when I am in blame and judgement I am simply no longer considering existence and what caused behaviors of greed and frustration, as these are behaviors in separation from an understanding of this physical world.
I commit myself to realizing that all blame, all competition, all comparison, all judgement is fear, where thought is showing me where I am accepting and allowing a face value only in ignorance of the totality of the picture of what this actual physical world exists as and is, thus have i been taught to only see parts of what is this physical world through the image maker of the mind and not sensed the commonality of life existent as what is here as the substance of what is here one and equal in all, as what I see is a compound image of my own design and I “read in” the rest with my experiences, where my experiences are generated from perceptions that were generated within the same limitations of insight into the whole, as following the mind without really remaining here in and as the physical world.
I commit myself to seeing, realizing and understanding that what is of the mind in how I have been taught to utilize the mind, is to see a tiny portion of a picture, and within this never even been taught, which I abdicated as this is what I am, to utilize my physical self to sense what is physically here, thus have I no relationship with this physical world, and only built relations with limited ideas, beliefs and opinions.
I commit myself to seeing, realizing and understanding that when someone says to me . “ Oh, you are an empty nester” and I react in fear, what I am doing is reacting in fear of judgement, but if I look at what was said, I realize it is just a statement, which could be factual, but this does not hold a positive or negative value, unless I accept and allow this, it is what it is, maybe I am maybe I am not, and what precipitated this statement makes no difference, because I am here, moving within what I believe at this point is best for myself, where I need not fear any change, as it is what i am within what I am doing and not an idea about what I am, as I am life, here.

I commit myself to revealing that in essence the idea of change can cause fear, which would be a condition of the condition of not knowing self as life, as the substance of life, as one has not been taught to move self as self as life, and only known behaviors of survival as protection and defense, thus are many reactions a petrified “face value’ and not an enjoyment of being life, here.
I commit myself to breathing when statements are made and I see the habit of myself as my mind reacting in fear, to stop and breath, and to look to the whole, as all that exists, to bring myself back to myself here, in self forgiveness of myself as life, to direct myself in and as what is best for all, as I no longer allow myself to become a “petrified face value” in fear as the eternal is a constant.

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