Sunday, February 17, 2013

Day 286 The Buried King Philip's War

As I look at what Capitalism is as it exist in form and focus and function, it follows NOT all the principles laid out for it’s purpose. It is a structure to support life, to allow humanity to thrive, to become self supportive, to be able to take care of oneself in a state of ease, as this would be happiness, a state of ease.
I think of the King Phillips’s war in America at the end of the 1600’s.
The stage was set at this time, with the colonists having developed much of the land along the eastern seaboard of the present United States. They had productive farms and had organized themselves enough to begin to enjoy more things of leisure. They also started to attend church less and less. No longer did they find a need to hope and pray, they had physically organized themselves and were prosperous.
What happened at this time, was that suddenly there was a move from thinking the new land was endless , to the land becoming finite.
Also, the church was not receiving as many funds from the people, as they had stopped attending church, as they no longer needed “god” or realized that it was not god who had developed the land, but themselves, in all common sense.
The American Indians, who had become somewhat a part of the community - there was even a university ( well schools where really seminaries ) set up to educate them. In other words they were not treated as heathens, they were viewed as becoming a part of the society.
What happened, is that the America indians realized, started to realize, that the Europeans believed, really believed, that they could own the land, and they were slowly taking over the land. The American indians did not conceptually believe this, and they were right in that this earth cannot be owned, as it is a gift that gives and supports life. Yet the Europeans thought they could own this, and even abuse what they, the Europeans thought of as “right” in the face of common sense - that this earth cannot be owned except through an idea, or belief imposed - lacking all common sense , yet, here the American Indians whose culture did not include what was in all common sense given as a gift for life, did not realize the sickness of the European until it was too late. So they went in and destroyed all that was of value to the European settlers in their delusion that something can be owned in self interest. There were more deaths in relation to the population from this war than in any other war America has ever had since. This is how powerful the American Indian was and how much they fought to wipe out the disease of ownership without regard for the life that existed, where this ownership was stamped out, this self interest and ignorance of life.
So, the Europeans began to blame the American indian for taking that which they had taken, blaming the American Indian and labeling them as evil, removing all that had been supposedly “given” to them, placing them in camps where they basically starved and suffered. The takers were punishing those who they had taken from, ignored and devalued in the name of profit and greed in self interest. And this, even when it was noted how healthy the American Indians were compared to the Europeans. Obviously, the American Indians, if they were noted to have been so healthy, were doing something that was beneficial, more so than what the Europeans were doing, yet again this was ignored in the face of reason, as self interest was the choice, in greed, lacking consideration and placing one’s limited view despite the existence of something that had created men who were healthier and organized.
The only place that was not completely destroyed was Boston. The colonies had been laid to waste, as the Indians had destroyed what was of value, they had gone in and destroyed all the crops, and all the live stock. They basically set the colonies back one hundred years.
What did the Europeans do with this situation once the Indians were dealt with? Did they learn their lesson? NO. They continued with the same self interest. And this began to play out with the Salem witch trials.
There were no men, they had all been killed in the King Phillips war. So the women of Salem, were man-less and this was proving to be a dangerous situation; too many women and not enough men.
Yet the lesson that the land was finite was remembered, so how could this situation be used to get the land from the widows?
And how could the church get the people back into the pews to give funds and support that pastor and maintain control through an illusionary separate reality?
And with the emerging study of as a scientific method, how could this be imposed and used as a new ways of looking at the world. A perfect platform to apply a more scientific approach to an existent more “superstitious” society?
Low and behold, women were labeled as witches, their lands could be taken by those who wanted more, who used this excuse to grab an earth that is freely given. The scientists could prove that satan could be measured scientifically, and the church could re-enslave men to beg for forgiveness from a supposed god, even in the face of god having nothing to do with the work they had done in developing their lives.
Yet in our history books in the schools this war is never talked about, just foot noted.
The Salem witch trials are related to the “red commi scare” of the thirties, which makes no sense, and I had to watch this being taught to my children in the schools. This Mcarthy Era, as it is called. Like we are allowed to criticize actions the American system took in the past and then believe we have learned to criticize when we in fact have not learned any critical skills at all, because not enough of this story is told. What lead up to the existence of the Salem witch trials, and why were there so many women? None is this is explained within this unit. 
It was years later that more of the story was told. I thought, why was this not clear then? Children are very capable of understanding this real scenario, and perhaps so many children are bored in school and see no point of the history presented because they don’t see a real story, what is presented is vague and illogical, lacking in detail, and having no common sense. What one does is memorize a story full of gaps and non-explanations. Perhaps our children, in not being taught the whole story, see no story of any common sense, and thus really have nothing to hold onto? And then we are actually scared, the adults to have the real story told, because this would mean we have to actually look at what we are accepting and allowing, and would end up losing what we believe we have, which is just more of the same story full of holes , a story lacking wholes, a continuation of the same that came, a people of lesser health maintaining that lesser health in the name of believing that this land can be owned. And the same upsets and manipulations in the name of a few wanting to grab more and more and more. As this is a game of mono=polies, ignorant of life, this earth, this form and function of the natural world as earth, believing that the science of man has all the answers, when the quest sought is a desire for more, instead of working with what is here in common sense telling the whole story, all the details, even the emotions and feelings and thoughts and how they are created and what they are the product of as indicators of fear/survival behaviors, that are in separation from what is best for all, even when this “best” or indication that something is stronger, than what the cultural facing a visible noted difference lacks by comparison, is potentially doing, where an example of a stronger human is standing right there in front of their faces.
Non of what I say here is to criticize one group  above another, but this is an example of where what was good within what existed was ignored in favor of traditions that lacked in comparison to other traditions. What was good, was not considered.  In the end the whole movement here is within limited beliefs, opinions and ideas that lack actually looking at what is here in common sense of what is best for all. Thus, the whole story must be told, the whole scenario in detail must be looked at, hiding details just means there is an agenda. Hiding creates a hierarchy, a morality in separation from what is best for all, as what is best for all is that all absolutely realize how here functions as this earth, in totality, as this is the only way to get this organism in order, in working thriving, at ease order.
Our children are being fed half truths and these limited stories are then coupled with a loose logic of no real substance, to feed a program of self interest in the name of profit for a few only and this is causing disease, as the nature of that child is forced into limitations and not allowed expression -as life and the consequence of this is disease. In common sense we all know this, and thus we must give up everything to enable us to have everything, and that is our children, knowing the whole story, understanding this earth, and working with this earth as life, as their nature, as ease. The outcome will be the existence of life on this earth, at ease, in expression of life.