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Day 277 Equal Money Capitalism. Where do the guns come from?

Inside Darfur    Vice News
The Future of Energy ?
In Darfur it has become obvious that para-military groups working for the control and profit of a few with the earth’s freely given resource as oil, have accepted guns built by others, as a means of survival. Those wielding the guns here, did not build them. Those wielding guns they did not build, were handed to them. Were the hired soldiers in good nutritional health? Were they emotionally fired up and scared for their own survival? Were they taught an understanding of how usury functions?
In all common sense who paid for the guns? It could not have been the poor, and since a few have the most money and thus the means to order massive amounts of guns, it is not the poor of the country that are buying and building the guns. They simply do not have the money. Thus, to create a story that there are “tribal” factions, or “paramilitary” groups of local ethnic peoples, or that the discord in a country is racial, or religious, within the micro of the country is really a smokescreen. Even saying " it is an economic problem" does not tell all, it is a general statement lacking disclosure of how related everything is within this present system accepted and allowed by each of us. Gun building takes a lot of money, and the poor in these countries do not have this money. Since multinationals own companies and resources in countries other than their home base, why do newspaper stories always relate gun source by country? Even Greece is now a commodity for the IMF.
So, what exists within conflicts, such as Dafour, cannot be based on religion , or racial lines, it is the profit seekers of the resources that are providing the guns. So great is the greed for “more than” which has been transferred to the tool of money, paper and digits, that throwing children, toddlers into fires, to get rid of what is in the way of profit, has become existence on earth. And we are accepting and allowing this unless we stand up and say stop. We stand up and simply no longer allow this. We do this by voting in economic equality, we share the profit made from the resources here equally.

What is so incredulous within all of this is that there are technologies available that can create an existence where all basic needs are met, with very little abuse to this earth, and if we can come up with this, we can fine tune what is here and create a system that works in tandem with earth, to the point where there is not waste and all that is here is valued for being life and thus sustained, stable, and at ease.
We now know how to take carbon and create clear flexible planes that can be attached to windows and direct electrons to be stored in batteries that can then generate energyneeded to support ourselves, thereby, creating a system that uses what is here and allows each of us to be self sustaining, with much less reckless profit seeking/dividend seeking practices that enslave and kill just to have an illusion of control and an illusion of more than. The fairy tale is over, it is archaic, it is not working, it disrespects life, it is of limited insight, it is a story lacking any substance of life. It is an existence of limited values, of a morality of good and bad, ignorant of a common sense expression of life. Even within some questionable scientific practices enslaved to profit, not all is "bad", there is still a process of discovery. Some science is using an understanding of the physical world, working with physical reality, finding ways to give a dignified life to all, and this is ignored to live a fairy tale of a king on a throne, when the real throne is the gift of life, as what we all are equally.
There is no “more than,” there is no “less than” there is simply here. And “here” there are technologies that support life. Here, it is known that cows being the ruminants that they are, are a working expression that is symbiotic with earth’s soils and plants, animals and insects. Is this another science ignored?
Here,  in practical common sense of this physical world, there is no need to go into countries and kill children, sending other children in with guns that can only be paid for by the few who have placed the value of life onto a piece of paper, and then used this to build guns to give to children, to kill children, to move whole groups of living people off a piece of land just to grab a freely given resource in self interest only for profit, without any consideration of what is best for all. And meanwhile, there are developments that allow clean water and clean energy, without killing and raping, without destroying the soils.
The problem is not a lack in the ability of men to understand how this physical world functions.
The problem is a system of profit within inequality supporting self interest as ego, a mind programmed with ideas, beliefs and opinions of false idol following the consumption of un-sustaining addictive goods. A crime against life. We are all to blame because we accept this. The power of the collective, so powerful most money is spent with the busy work maintaining incessant indoctrination of this very same collective. So, slight is the change needed. So small the direction needed to change this world to support life. To stand and to vote, equivocally state that a lack of support for all life, is a crime and therefor must stop.
The problem is the desire to have more than another, right in the face of the real value being life, existing at ease with this physical world. Heaven or no heaven, there is no reason not to create ease on earth for all living creatures that are here. We are the hands of men, we are the means to change this world, we create, thus we are able to build a world that supports all life.

The solution
Thus the only solution is to support what is here, with what prevents abuse. There are practices that are what is best for all, that are developed, and continue to be developed. What is known that supports life is here. We simply must remove this idea of material things signifying being more than another and realize that the value is being life, here. Our morality is based on “more than “ and “less than” and not on the simple fact that being, is the value, that life is the value. This would mean to stand and to vote for a system that gives to all what is needed to exist as life, to take what is good and to use what prevents a consequence of disease and abuse. The money spent on war and guns alone would be enough to support life on this planet.

The Rewards
The end of fairy tales.
The end of fear.
Actual physical living.
Clean air.
Clean water.
Clean soil
Healthy plants, animals, men.
Support from birth until death.
Full life potential development.
A life of dignity for all.

It is only a belief in the mind that divides us from a life of dignity for all.
Join us. Time to remove an archaic fairy tale that is the story of inequality.

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