Thursday, February 21, 2013

Day 290 The blanket of ownership, to outflow of liability

The Problem
I have heard it said many times that Capitalism is the best system humans have found. That this system of capitalism has changed the world and improved the lives of many. And we accept this limitation, “ the lives of many.” Within this statement we are accepting half measures, and this is unacceptable. Yet, how can a system of capitalism be what improves lives? It is just an organizational structure as to how money and resource and people interact, it is not an indicator of what physically happens on the ground, nor is it the thing that improves the lives on a practical basis, meaning the small daily steps, the “little things” that are done that make our lives livable. The abstract of this word does not explain this in detail, it only explains the way the gates of resource flow with the use of money. Obviously, what has happened is ownership of freely given resources and everything developing those resources is then labeled as a liability carrying the burden of outcomes of the processing of these freely given resources, thus the owners do not care, they have their security blankets and now the rest can go to hell, because all that is happening is the illusion of ownership that is a blanket of security. In a way, we are the liability because we have accepted and allowed this, thus we are libel. Our structures tell us what we are. Allowing some to be more than, is not what is best for them, nor for the processors of the resources of this earth, that have no signature of ownership, but what we give them.
Yes, we need a system of organization. It is our responsibility to care for this earth, to give as we would like to receive, thus existing in a piece of land and taking care of that land, is a value, and a system that allows one to securely care for a piece of land is necessary, but the land cannot really be owned, nor can the resources be owned by one individual. What is here is to support life, as this is the value. War is taking in self interest, and not an act of taking care of this world. This is simple common sense. A profit for the few system would think common sense dirty, as this would mean behaviors of greed, of self aggrandizement would have to die, and the emotional storm of this would screech as all the hot hair left this balloon of a story lacking any real substance, as all it really is , is the gas of waste, much like a fart. All greed and no substance. Gases by nature spread themselves around, much like the shattered shells of Humpty Dumpty. Equality, to and as life, as the nature of self, is to give as one would like to receive, to be whole, is to realize that life is the value.
What improves the lives of people on this planet? I would say it is technology, it is the development of taking care of human existence and thus the animals and the plants and soils that allow human interaction on the ground, that support infrastructures that maintain a clean environment that is as non-invasive as possible. It is working with what is here in common sense. Private ownership married to profit transferred into money, does not allow the sense of the commons, the collective on the ground, it is too busy holding onto what this value has been transferred into, the money, and it is caught up in the game of this and as consequence has separated what is here into/onto tiny pieces of paper or, lighted symbols on a computer screen, which we, as those who are libel, have accepted and allowed, thus we have built, brick by brick our structures, and because they have no reai substance, they are beginning to crumble. Communism and capitalism set a hierarchy at a distance and then made decisions based on data/value on a piece of paper, a separation from common ground sense. And, as this system has improved the lives of ONLY a few, it is not working, it has created an environment of fear, and just like that child who grows up in ahome where there is uncertainty and a lack of education and support, so are parts of this world in the same condition, there are peoples and plants and animals, in a state of dis-ease, and are unable to be the expression of what they are as the very form that they are. This is a crime against life.
In all common sense, we know what is needed to create a stable human being, we know what animals and plants need to thrive, thus in all common sense this should be what is given on this earth, to enable healthy and participating entities on this earth, thus what is for the common good as this planet must be what is practiced, absolutely. “Only a few, is unacceptable. It is time to stop and rebuild in equality, as this is the only answer, absolutely.
In my local town there are now cards for the oyster men with magnetic strips that record each sale. The state can now collect data as to how many oysters are sold. I mean really, if we can do this, we can have direct vote! There is absolutely no reason why each and every person on this planet cannot vote directly for what is practiced and organized by government. This is another example of how technology is what organizes this world, and we are able to use this. Even the military does research and knows what goes on in this world, thus for the military to hide and not make public findings, especially when it is the tax payers dollars, or money directed from the profit of freely given resources - which is life and thus belongs to earth and thus belongs to LIFE, such findings belong to all of us, and what is found and used for technological advancement, should be used to improve the lives of people and NOT for gain as money!This is really life in reverse, and given the extinction of animals, this “reverse” is not the verse of life. Our own words constantly tell us what we are doing.
We have all been taught that owning things makes us what we are. This is even used as terminology in schools, when a child has “grasped a concept as a word” they are told they now “own” the word. What does this really mean? How can a child “own” a word? They USE a word, just as the world USES technology to improve lives ( unless it is withheld -and this is the point) , thus a word is used to express, to direct, but “owning “ a word implies that now that child is a “more than” that that child has been successful, meanwhile, is that child taught of the effects that word has within existing on earth, as the very fabric of life, here? What does that technology as that word DO? Why are the learning of words indicated as being “owned” without realizing what that word actually can or cannot do within this world?
The capital of this earth, is the very nature of this physical world, as a tool, and a technology that enables life to be and DO, to express as the technology of the forms of the physical world, to allow life. Thus none of what is here can be owned, it is a tool to be and express life. Any claim of ownership is a crime against life, and crime is done in ignorance of and as life, as what is needed to be life is denied, as it is grabbed out from under the feet of what is here, it is like taking a spring out of a clock, that clock will no longer work. And this is what is happening on this earth, all because someone wants to own that spring, and they do not realize, in their disease as lust, that that taking of that spring is the destruction of life, which is not being aware of the whole, as the clock.

The solution
What is here belongs to life, all life, as it is all a part of this earth, as life. This earth is an organism that functions as parts, each part the very nature of what is needed to maintain the clock, as why would earth/life birth anything else but what supports itself as life? The disease of separation from life, into and as believing that one thing is more than another, and creating a system that supports such a notion, is what must change back to itself as life, realize itself as life, here. There is no other choice.
This means what has been created by men, that no one man can create alone, as the minute one road is traveled in a car, means that that man is dependent on what is here to do what ever that man does no matter what is believed as in thinking that they alone developed something and thus “own” the thing developed is a misconception, as whatever any of us develop, we did not do it alone. And, obviously, there is no “god’ there is only us, this earth here, as a total expression of life, this total expression being a “god” absolutely sharing itself as life, here. So, all men, all plants, all animals, everything is in total the organism of life, and this total organism is the gift, for each equally to be and become and do as life, here.
We are all life, thus we all “own” life. That gene, that tree, that animal, that man, all things of life, all composed of life, are equal and one in and as life here, we all “own” all that is here, and what is here is to support and allow life to be and to “do” as life. Thus the solution, to end this charade of war and ownership, is to manifest a system that support life as the value, to use the physical as the tool to be and express ourselves in and as what we are, which is life.
It is not capitalism that has advanced man, it is the technology in and as the physical. Thus, realize the physical world is the technology of life, and cannot be owned, only taken care of, supported, in and as being life.
This is really very simple, and can be understood by all, taking what has been developed here, to measure, can be used to educate and support, and allow all life to become aware of itself and stand and vote, every human, that is. To not move towards this is a crime against life, as it is the denial in common sense of life of the physical world around us. It is not capitalism that has improved the lives of people, it is allowing the use of technology created by men and the technology of the physical in and allowing this to function and be discovered that has improved lives, thus, again, the removal and denial of this is a crime against life. period. The solution is to support access to what improves, and thus allows life, this that cannot be owned as it is life. Stop thinking that just because one has “named” a thing, for instance a “gene” means that voila, because I have learned the “name” of something, as in “owning” a word, it means that I have ownership, well that word, and that gene have a name, and that name that is common in all existent, is life. And this is what we all are, and this life cannot exist without each and every thing here. Thus nothing can be owned, and life is the value, and the physical world is the technology enabling life to express itself absolutely. This whole belief of more than and less than is the disease, the illusion, the LIE, as taking the “f”, out of Life, the flow out of life, the spring out of the clock, the simple out of being. It is time to stop this disease as belief that what is here can be owned and that naming a thing means one has suddenly some kind of authority. Rumplestiltzskin can throw a tantrum for all I care. It is time to put Humpty Dumpty back together again, and that can be done by each of us, as each will vote for equality, and the means for direct vote is here. No more voting in separation, time for life to stand and vote for itself, the nature of which is to give as one would life to receive.

The Rewards
The value as life in every single thing on this earth is taken care of, that the acceptance of “ many lives” is realized as an ambiguous statement of relative value lacking absolute value. We are all libel for the care of the tools we use to express ourselves as life, within and as supporting ourselves as life, thus we cannot own, we can only respect and use what is here to enable life expression, as this is the value.
Support an Equal Money Capitalism System, to realize that the physical world is a tool to enable life. Time to remove the “security blanket” of ownership coupled with the relative as money taking on the value of life, as this is a separation in common sense of this actual real physical world. Turn money into the means of organizing what is here to support all life, to realizing that what is here cannot be owned, that what is here as the value is the expression made of what is here, which cannot be done by one individual alone, yet the value of the expression of life within each individual is equal and one, as one cannot exist without the other, and no blanket can hide this fact unless we accept and allow this ignorance, face this for what it is, a crime against life.

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