Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Day 295 Rebellion, Protest is Not Practical Change

Rebellion, Protest.
Any entity, voice or suggestion of rebellion, protest, or petition will not change what is unacceptable as it is not an act of change, it is an act of complaint, blame and spite. Huge crowds of people standing before a government building screaming “woe is me” is not an action that manifests change. It is asking the cause of the abuse to change, and since the cause of the abuse, the limiting laws and actions that bring the frustration and lack are what has been placed into practice, is the very from as government and system created by the people, this is like asking the people who have power -power that was given within a system of inequality, where money determines food and shelter needed to live in dignity - to represent existence and not grab more for themselves, that do not realize what they are as the mind, as consciousness functions, to stop and give up what they believe as the only way they are going to survive. And they do not, had they, this world would be different.
To have created a system where systems take care of each of us, instead of standing within and as our own common sense power as life, is to have abdicated ourselves as life, because we stopped moving as life, stopped looking at life, stop being life. Thus blame and spite for what exists, directed towards a governing body that is acting in self interest is not going to bring about any change. All this will accomplish is a tightening of control, where those in positions of power will hold onto that power without any consideration for anything else but themselves.
I think of facing a school committee here. Our schools are public corporations, created by the people for the people to ensure that what is for the common good comes before profit, which means, since profit is here as inequality monetarily, that it is acknowledged that profit through money is what exists as this system, and yet the governing body as the elected executives that represent the people as the enactment of what is for the common good: this is the school committee, have taken on the responsibility for the people, the people within the community having a responsibility to stand and to share any new technologies with the executives as the school committee that have stood to represent the public corporation as the schools, within practices that are for the common good of the people, to ensure that profit ONLY is not what is practiced.
What is interesting, in my local school committee is that most of the committee is composed of educators within the system and ex-educators. There are very few people in the committee who are not within or have not been within the public school educational system. ( Sound like the swinging doors of Congress and BIG business?)
So, as a citizen, it is my responsibility to present what I have discovered with my local public corporation.
But this is blocked. One reason is that the committee is so overloaded with paper work that they know nothing else, anything outside of the paper work agenda seems too much, as the paper work needs to be completed.
Another issue, is that this system believes itself to be the ONLY source of knowledge, anyone coming in and suggesting something else from without the system, is considered a threat to the “ego” of the system, as in the system not having done what this system represents, and this system does not want to lose its status for fear of losing its profit. All the personnel on the school have come and offered their services as something they are selling, their skills, and it is up to the school committee to realize which skilled people to place with the public corporation, for which they give a salary to, as the school personnel are “profiting” from their services, and thus this is not profit ONLY, yet since money is needed to survive they must receive some profit, or they will not be able to place food on the table and a roof over their heads.
Within this scenario, anything that suggests that their services can be improved is to suggest that they need improvement, and this would mean changing, and this might mean losing their profit/salary, which means losing their ability to place food on the table.
So, collectively this school personnel “group” are going to ensure that they remain with their power, as each is in fear of losing their profit. This fear is so big that common sense is secondary, and thus clouded.
It is always about money, so the reverse is actually what is lived within the order of the law presented. The profit ONLY is reality an the movement within sharing and living, what is for the common good is second. This is life in reverse.
What I find amazing - and this is an emotional blame/spite reaction within and as me. which I have to work on, is that many of the “educated” members of my community complain about how my local schools are ineffective, and yet the school administration blabbers on about how they are doing a good job, that they “believe they are doing a good job”, the best job they can. So, there is a difference of opinion, and when someone stands up and questions this, they are immediately shut down and considered negative.
Reminds me when my husband was about to commit suicide. I called his male friends, thinking that they would be able to say what i was trying to say in a way that would reach my husband. I even called his family and his boss, and all that happened was that I was considered to be paranoid, negative. In the end he killed himself. And I remember seeing, like a “cloud” like a mirage around him, and I did not understand what this was. And he seemed to be “shaking” a lot, ever so slightly. This had stopped, he had calmed down, and yet that last day, the day before he died, he walked in the door and this “shaking thing” was there again - it really is like a subtle oscillation, and I knew everything had been lost, that we were back at square one. I was so upset, I just stopped within myself, and said, that i had to calm down before I could take any action. Little did I understand the severity of this, as the next day he was gone.
So, it is the same with the system, a collective of individuals all existing in fear of survival, in fear of losing that which has been made into an absolute need to exist, which is a piece of paper as money, as what we sell ourselves for, in order to survive. Where when we have a place on the grid, anything that is perceived to be a threat to this, is shut out, ignored, pushed away, and new laws are placed to prevent loss, to suppress loss, to maintain the profit for the individual as the individual is who it is that does this, with prettysounding words of justification, and meanwhile the total structure is not looked at, only the cloud of self interest as survival, this fear, with a justifying voice of supposed goodness, these two the very separation from the common good, the “what is best for all.”
It is not that with some patience, what is here can be understood, it is that the fear is too great, the fear is the monster under the bed, the fear distorts reality to the point where the justification is made real, to hide the fear. Questions can be asked that interrupt this fear, but the tenacious, and these are usually the ones that have the highest salaries, simply become more reactive.
Asking a hierarchy of individuals, those divided into fear and happy face presentation, to change is like asking someone to give up their food and their shelter, especially within a system where money determines life. The ones who have abundant money, that benefit the most, they are going to have to give up power and all their possessions, of which they cannot possibly use at once.
This is why the structure of the system must change, as what exists creates fear, and thus does not work. cannot work, will never work, and asking this form to change itself, when it is composed of many not being able to see anything else, will, obviously not work. The blueprint of fear of loss and the action of self interest are too busy being held onto in desperation, as how fear acts. If you have ever taken a lifesaving course, and had to save someone from drowning,, that person will fight for their life, and is they are stronger than you, you must know how to turn that body around and lock the arms in such a way to suspend them from behind until they calm enough to start floating and thus breathing. I think I was sixteen, and I failed the first time, my instructor was bigger than me, and I did not understand how hard i had to fight. The people who have found a point in the grid of inequality, are not going to just give up their position of security, their life investment.
Rebellion and protest is just going to create more reactive behaviors, and the barricades we stand behind to protest will only be placed further and further away. And I understand that this has happened at the White House in Washington. The barricades are further away, and the army stand guard against its own people. The landscape is the people against the state, that is the picture, that is the reality.
The solution is to stand up and place a new system through a collective vote, as it is the people who have formed this system, and thus it is the people who must stand and change this. In a way, what is here on earth is a systemic public corporation, it is the cooperation of the collective as the human, as the “public”. It will take an “army” of the collective to realize a change, to actually walk, in detail the structure and form needed to end this drama of screaming mobs and protecting self defensive hierarchies who have managed to get the profit.
This reminds me of my local school district again. The superintendent is hired by the school committee ( this body representing the public “common good”) and this superintendent handles the money, which means this administrator can decide that he needs a raise and thus give himself one, which means that he can decide that he is doing a good job, and give himself a raise. THis actually happened here, during a supposed “override” the superintendent said the school needed money for the budget and asked the community to vote in more money for the schools, and then promptly gave himself as raise. And this, in the face of private salaries not growing over the last 15 years. That action of that superintendent, did it consider the community within this lack in other areas of the community, did that superintendent consider the stressed out parents of thechildren in the households of parents whose cost of living was increasing and salaries or profits were not? Does this person who represents the children, consider the children? As what he/she stand for? No they did not, they considered their own survival only, and not what was for the common good of the community.
So, those government administrators are not going to consider anything else but their own survival, and any questioning, is, as I said, just going to create a greater divide, a bigger distance. Which begs the question on another level, what is going to pay for the bodies standing in the “no man’s land zone? Your are, you the protestor, you the blamer, you the rebel. This is not the means to stop the abuse of inequality.
What exists as inequality, was built brick by brick by brick by humans, the generations of humans that have been here on this earth. Thus, it is the collective, in organization, that must stand and realize a systemic change, through networking and structuring and voting in a system that never allows what presently exists to happen again because it does not work. Unless the system takes care of life, absolutely, it is not a functioning system. And the one we have has been going on for so long, and it is not working, it keeps trying to force what it is to work, and naturally this is not working. It will never work.
And, since what is here has been created by generations of men, no one person can say that they did something all by themselves, because they did not. What is here has been built by many, and what has been built is not good or bad, it is simply how what has been built is being used, so, there is much here that is good, and this can be used to begin this journey towards becoming life here on earth, to ensuring that all that is here is cared for with absolute specificity as what is best for what is here.
Waiting for someone else to stand will not work, as self will and must forgive self as life here, I can forgive you, but this will not work, someone else forgiving me for myself will not work, eventually we will all have to realize that the only choice is to forgive one self to life, which means becoming one and equal to and as life. Thus must the illusion in and as this mind system of consciousness, of competition, comparison within a measure of seeking gain, seeking a more than someone else, this action within self as thoughtas the judging that it is, that when compounded becomes emotion and feeling bodies layered within creating dis-ease , which is the physical showing the extent of separation one has become from life in abdication of self as life. All ideas, beliefs and opinions must be looked at for what they are, are they a preference or are they used to compare within being more than something else, are they comforts that are simply habitual that need not really be an experience that define self here?
Obviously, usury does not work as a practice. It is presented as supportive but the outflow of this is really “taking from Peter to pay Paul” it is presenting “giving” but it is really and act of taking, ensuring the ownership of - eventually - everything to that level of competition and desire for more than, which is what greed is, to one person, or a few people. Usury is a system of control, it is not a system that allow self empowerment, self determination, self expression, self honesty with and as life, self responsibility in and as life, this equalizing of self to and as life, being a self realization experience of what life is in fact. I mean if life is what is here that supports everything, would not realizing this be the real ultimate value? The behaviors of earth at present are of conflict and friction, disease, and war, destruction of nature, this all a physical, visibly recognizable outflow of destruction, it is not taking care of this earth, it is not an act of being forgiving as life here.
The waters of this earth should be gentle, soft, clean, life giving, and they are not. They are heavily polluted, stormy, carrying toxins that are suffocating our oceans and our rivers. All of this is through the actions of men in self interested, self ignorant gain. Self ignorance is not being life. Consciousness is the manifestation of ignorance, as this is what separation is, and it exists as a less substantive form than life, in and as energy, and energy consists of poles of positive and negative, spectrums of a singular action in and as separation from what is substantive and this is the sound of life. Thus, self seeking positives, as what is driven as supposedly being positive within the consumerist presentation are limited, blown out of proportion distortions of reality, and this overblown value is in separation from life. This is why it must be understood that everything ( as the warped reality) will be lost should one walk the desteni process, and yet nothing will be lost, it will simply be brought back to life.
The living word is self in equality with life. It is self equal and one with and as life, simply being, ending the chasing of the addictions of energy based behaviors, that will never be satisfied as they are unequal to what is of substance.
The rewards are the end of fear. Is there really any other reason, especially for those of us that live in the west who have some level of stability - that by the way is not real stability- needed other than to remove fear from existence, is not this enough of a realization to stand and participate and build a system that realizes that all life is the value, and that there is no real life until all become self honest, self responsible, self directive, in and as life? Equal Money Capitalism is to make sense of this world, to bring this world back into common sense. The divisions of belief, opinion and idea, and the propagation of needs, wants and desires that are often partial truths coupled with layers of diversions, to avoid facing reality, and to maintain inequality, are the compounds of a just-I-see-loss/justice of loss as a protection and defense system wanting gain in absence of being practical here in common sense of this physical world. The answer, as the reward, is to realize in common sense what functions as what is best for all on this physical planet. The physical world flourishes with clean water, proper nutrients, stable environments. Taking in self interest creates instability when done within ignoring the physical world, and this is the condition of those continents abundant in resource, and indication that this is a system that is not working with life, that is acting in self interest in ignorance of practical consideration of what supports life, within the realization that life is the value.
Check out Equal Money Capitalism and stand up for life.
Check out interviews on Eqafe, to understand self and the history of existence.
Walk a FREE course to receive cross referencing understanding of self as life with a buddy, to understand how one has existed as consciousness, the manifestation of man in separation from and as life. DIP Lite
Let’s get this done, so that we as life can begin, to realize, see and understand that this world needs to be cleaned up to support the children yet to come, to resuscitate the soils, the waters, the animals and the plants, which is what life on earth is, thus everything that is here is of value, including yourself.

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