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Day 296 Transfer Pricing, Usury and the education of a child.

Transfer Pricing, Usury and the education of a child.
It is all tied together. One effects the other. One is the inversion of money to be transferred to a few, causing economic slavery and thus instability,. What happens to a child that is raised within such an environment of economic slavery? What behaviors does such inversion of money create on a species whose existence is determined by money? And who are the ones most effected? What are the effects of a fear caused by constant financial worry? If one is in worry, and each of us should stop for a minute and think about how much we think about money and paying our bills, and within this how much of the lives of our children we miss because we have spent so much time focused on how we are going to pay our bills and our mortgages and fix that roof, and replace that car with over 200,000 miles that in a year - even if one has taken care of that care - or two - will become 250,000 miles? After your mortgage payments, and no vacations, and the principle of the mortgage at the end of the loan, which means your principle payments go up and the interest goes down, which means your taxes go up, which means that the ability of even a frugal person to manage to have an account to place a small amount of money to repair that 30 year roof in 5 years, is virtually impossible.
This system is impossible, it does not create and allow life to simply be.
What is transfer pricing and how does this “invert money” ? Well, it inverts the wealth, the value of resource to nothing at the place of origin and then sends it all around the world, establishing a greater value down the line. It is moving wealth into the hands of another, and in this case, into another country. Transfer pricing should really be labeled as what it is, the transfer of a monetary value given to a resource into the hands of another, before consideration of supporting life.
So what is usury? And how does this follow the same inversion process?
And this is why Christ was so angry and reactive in the “temple”. And please, remember that Christ was a real person, a man, he was not some invisible god!
Money is loaned with interest. This means more money is paid back with the borrowed sum/money. The banks create more money every time someone borrows money and lends this created money. So the value of what was borrowed on, then generates a situation where the interest can be paid on the loan. So, the banks want constant “borrowing/lending” to exist because they can constantly have new money to lend/be borrowed. But, since the interest is not real money it must take from the real “leant/borrowed” money. But there is not enough of this, because there is only so much leant and it cannot possibly cover the interest, the back payment of more than lent/borrowed.
Look at this in a small bubble. I live on a Island with you, the two of us. I have five dollars and you have five dollars. I borrow your five dollars to use ( in whatever way). You tell me that I must give you interest on that 5 dollars, meaning I must pay you back 7 dollars. Okay, where is that “more” 2 dollars? It does not exist.
It does exist in the 5 dollars that one of the two had - one could say. So, that other person eventually gives back the borrowed 5 dollars and 2 dollars of his 5. Now he has only 3 dollars. So, the lender/bank now has transferred the value - as the paper money- to himself, leaving the other with less.
Take this and place this scenario onto your household, into the function and form as usury, as bank lending and personal borrowing. A mortgage is basically the transfer of your wealth to a bank, to another. Usury, interest lending, is wealth transfer. “Wealth” is not just luxury items, it is what you have that supports you as life, this includes the basic needs for existence. The existence of interest lending, and taxing, on those who pay the brunt of taxes, which are those on the lower levels of this pyramid of wealth transfer, allows economic slavery. Economic slavery effects the behavior of the enslaved, as they believe they own what they have, but are placed in a situation where they must worry about that house that is keeping them warm, so basic existence is lost to worry and fear of survival to make that payment with money that does not exist, or is basically moving your “wealth/ life support” into the hands of another.
What would such an environment create for a child? And why is it not understood by the parents that usury is really a criminal activity of wealth ( labor and resource - this also being a home) transfer? Why have the adults of this world not been educated to really understand this inversion process of wealth/resource? Could this be why Christ as a MAN, was so reactive within the money lending/borrowing scheme done through inversion?
Or, do we know this, and we blame the one left on the street for not ‘having figured this out” not stopping ourselves and realizing that it is an impossibility for others to NOT fall.
Back to our children. What does such an environment do to children? Children are born without language and without religion. They do not even know how to walk. Yet they learn, in a relatively short period of time, to move a body with multiple limbs, and speak at the same time. This indicates an ability of depth perception, a common sense of this world that is more than superficial.
Given the illusion of usury and transfer pricing, and how it is taking from one to pay another, to transfer a value to another, causing poverty and starvation, worry and fear, disregard for the real value of what is here on earth. It is taking what is here, the physical stuff of this planet, and giving it a monetary value, and then lending that value out, and asking for a greater return, which means taking from one to pay another, transferring what supports life as resource onto a symbol ( money) and then transferring again the real value of that transferred value into/onto a few, this being the money lenders/banks.
And then taxes can be used to regulate “getting ahead’ to ensure that there is no way to have any savings and to ensure constant lending/borrowing.
Dont’ be upset if this is not understood right away, take the time to look at this, write it out. I remember trying to do chemistry in high school. It was gibberish to me. But another violinist came to me with a perfect test score and showed this to me. I just looked at him and eureka it dawned on me that if he could do that, so could I. I had to look at chemistry over and over again, I had to stare at those symbols and that math - with the electrons and neutrons etc. again and again. I could not see it. And then one day, boom! I began to see it. And it all made sense. So, one moment I was quiet in the face of talking about Chemistry, because I thought it some complicated, difficult thing, and the next thing I knew it was not, it made sense. ( please , I have not looked at chemistry in YEARS, so I would have to review it all, but it would not be some foreign complicated, extremely difficult thing, I could if I sat and looked and went over some chemical process carefully get to a point where I could basically understand the principles- and even here, i would then understand that many of the products sold by pharmaceuticals are repackaged old products, and this is done to - once again- change a price to a higher price with one tiny molecular change- which is another transfer price action)
So, once again, how do the behaviors of “ the economically enslaved” and the “economically able to take ( meaning wealth transferrers)” effect the expression, as the movement of men on this earth? What would such a system create as the very life movement of men on this earth? And how would this behavior effect the children born into a system of such movement? How would such a system choose what is best? It cannot do what is best for this planet, what is best for life, it is by nature, a system of inequality, and the nature of this action is an ignorance of life, because to do this, means the real value is not seen, is not understood. The real value is not taught! Within this, one can begin to realize that everything that is here affects everything that is here. And this ability of this physical world, as thus, a tool to become aware of self as life. This earth, in totality is the gift to become aware of life, I mean, what else is there? Thus this is forgiving oneself to and as life. This is what self forgiveness is. This is why the physical is real and religion is illusion/imagination. Yet, a system of inequality, would make such proposals and use that transferred wealth to project images all over this earth that divert/transfer your attention from what is real!

And then, this is perpetuated and handed down to the children.
I don’t know how many people who have had children, later turn to religion, and such, as they feel that somehow the promise of what they saw in their children when their children were young, was never lived. So, a promise was there, and it died. What if that “promise” was what was real? And it is the action of this system, of economic enslavement as the transfer of value to a few, and the process of limiting awareness, to allow this un equal support, that which is non development of children as life, because the parents are so lost in worry about debt and figuring out how to pay for the development of their children? The parents are not here, as they were brought up within the same system, and now they have a moment of joy, with a new life, and then somehow that life is never fully realized, is never fully lived, that life grows up and somehow the promise of that child is gone. And what is really sick, is that we blame the child, or we blame the genes, or we blame the education we had, or we blame some traumatic event ( and believe me, I had a man tell me when I suggested that we spend some time with the children, that my sons were totally “fucked/screwed up because their father killed himself. Yes, I stopped and I looked at this person, was astounded and thought, how does one follow the other? There are people on this earth who have suffered so much and it did not destroy them etc. Needless to say that was the end of that - at the time) . Yet, blame is living in a past event, and it is more of the same behavior that created this system/existence of inequality, of un equal awareness of this physical gift of life world. The past is not here, and “here” can be seen and understood, it takes some looking at here, just as i had to look at those chemical symbols again and again until I could SEE how they “moved’ so to speak.
There is not time for blame, there is not time for spite, there is only the choice of removing this economic system of enslavement, of value transfer, of this pyramid scheme, it is not supportive of life, and it does not under stand life, it is not using the value of this physical world as the gift of life, as the means to become one and equal in understanding and awareness of this physical world. This system is destroying the one promise that was real, the ability exhibited in children at a young age, when they manage so many things, and that management ability is not developed, it is shut down, and each and every one of us caught up in this system are accepting and allowing this. It is time to stop, to stand and to support a practical way and means to end this. This is to collectively, just as advertising collectively indoctrinates!, stand as all as one as equal, to and as what is best for all, realizing the value is life, and that what is here, as this physical earth, belongs to all of us, as life, as all as one as equal, here. It is time to allow that promise of that child to be lived, It is time to stop this sick game of transferring what supports life into a mirage of ignorance that is fear, that is the behavior indicating that one’s self as life has separated itself from what is real, as life, this that is the real value, here.
Equal Money Capitalism.
Walk yourself out of your own taught, by those who came before, ignorance with the Desteni Lite FREE course. Stop living in the past with an illusion of a promising future, and place yourself here, in common sense, develop the depth of yourself as life. It is time.

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